NEWS OF THE DAY: Homophobia, Electric Scooter, Health
NEWS OF THE DAY: Homophobia, Electric Scooter, Health

Homophobic attacks. The leader of SOS Homophobia is indignant about the many acts of violence suffered by LGBT people. The congregation discloses the annual report of actions against LGBT people, which is up 66% in 2018 compared to 2017. This is distressing.

Where are the electric scooters in France? This past Monday, structures that operate in the rental of electric scooters have approved and signed a charter of good conduct to strengthen the traffic and parking devices. In case of no improvement of the situation, they will be subject to a prohibition of hiring equipment.

Eggs on the dish in a tray. In recent days, an image showing fried eggs already prepared and kept in plastic packaging is circulating on the social network Twitter. Creating a lot of controversy, the product concerned was questioned by the Ocean Defense Association which indexes and prohibits the use of plastic. Several Internet users have also treated this practice of "cooking lazy". But the brand claims that the dish is not designed for free sale on the market; it is intended for retirement homes and hospitals.


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