What is the hoax virus ?
What is the hoax virus ?

Hoax is an English word for "hoax". In the computer field, a virus hoax is represented by a message warning recipients of a non-existent virus threat. Information is usually an email chain that asks recipients to pass it on to everyone they know.

Although giving the idea of ​​wanting to help or inform a third person, hoax can have unwelcome repercussions such as harm to a person, an institution or a society; doubt around the victims; loss of time, resources, etc. These computer pranks are also easily identifiable because they involve facts that are almost unachievable and involve misleading publications purporting to come from large IT organizations.

As an example of hoax we can find: a computer virus alert, disappearance of children, online petition, forward the message to obtain a reward, danger on a product for sale, etc. These hoaxes may also contain risks such as the saturation of computer networks, electronic boxes; the fall of finances in a structure.

How to prevent?

  • Refrain from broadcasting messages from questionable sources
  • Have an anti-virus within range of his device
  • Consult the census sites for false rumors (eg: Hoaxbuster, Hoaxkiller)
  • Try to go back to the source.

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