What is webmarketing?
What is webmarketing?

For a moment, we hear a lot about webmarketing and its prowess. Whether it's a simple company, an individual or a recognized structure, web marketing is a great way to develop your business and make yourself known to the world. In reality, what is web marketing and what is it?

Defined as the set of marketing and advertising techniques used in an Internet environment, webmarketing consists of using the Internet to promote one's business, improve its visibility and develop its activities. His techniques are based on traditional marketing methods, enhanced by the use of technological tools. It can be summarized in three main steps:

  • Contraction of new visitors
  • Conversion of visitors into buyers
  • Buyer loyalty.

The first step is to increase the traffic to the website, the blog; attract leads. The second is to persuade visitors to take action. The third step is based on the evolution of buyers as loyal customers even ambassadors of the brand.


The components of webmarketing

Strategic Webmarketing: it takes into account the needs analysis and implements a marketing plan strategy. It achieves the goal set by respecting the predefined objectives by using appropriate methods;

Generate traffic: this is about generating as many visitors as possible. The tools used at this level are:

  • Natural referencing (SEO): set of methods to position a site in the first results of search engines;

- Content marketing: offer articles written to the public;

- e-mailing campaigns: ideal for keeping customers and informing them of new blog posts;

- Social networks: essential tools nowadays to be known in the world;

- Online advertising that is largely done through the Google AdWords platform.

  • Analysis of the performance of the webmarketing campaign: put in place control tools to observe visibility analysis, traffic generated, interactions, etc.
  • Loyalty: content creation, interactions with the community.

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