Call center

The management of your incoming and outgoing calls becomes a real nightmare following the growing demand of your clientele? At Osspo services, we are able to provide a dedicate call center to your activities. Our operators are proficient in several languages and will know how to meet the requirements of your clientele so that you no longer have to lose a single call!

Call quality monitoring

Call centers regularly manage more than thousands of calls daily and are required to maintain customer satisfaction. As a result, you have need to be able to measure the performance of call center according to your requirements. In most call centers, the overall quality of calls and quality assurance programs are in the spotlight to define business goals based on the real needs of customers.

At Osspo services, our call quality monitoring services allow you to quickly identify issues on the call center and increase the performance of agents for a single common purpose: increase customer satisfaction. Our quality analysts ensure that your agents provide high quality services that agree with your goals.

Email support service

E-mailing has become the first way of professional communication in recent years. As a result, many companies do not hesitate to entrust the management of their incoming mail flow to an external company. Our teams are trained in your procedures so that you can manage your incoming mail streams to perfection.

Telephone answering machine

You can hire our virtual assistant, who will work for you as if it were your personal assistant. He will answer all your incoming calls and take care to transfer them according to your requirements. We understood very well how precious your time is, as the expression says, "Time is money!" ; Your assistant will allow you to devote yourself to the essentials and will manage the rest.

Virtual accounting assistant

Accounting is an indispensable service within a structure. Whether you are a small or a large company, managing your accounting and everything that returns is an integral part of your structure. In order to make it easier for you, our accounting department offer their know-how in the following fields: invoicing, accounts payable, customer relaunching, payment tracking of suppliers, lettering...

Personnal assistant

When you try to manage common tasks that grow in your business, there has moments where it becomes necessary to have with you someone that can take care of simple but indispensable tasks such as manage schedules, write meeting reports, organise travel etc...

At Osspo services, we are fully aware that hiring a full-time employee in your office increases considerably your costs but we also know that, this hiring becomes very quickly necessary to optimize your days. Hiring a virtual assistant is therefore likely to be the optimal solution to achieve good performance.

Your Virtual Assistant can program all your appointments, organize your travels, make you daily work plans and to do lists so that nothing escapes you. He will also be able to do all the Internet searches that you don't have time to devote, leaving you time to focus on the essential.

Virtual assistant for data entry

Data entry from paper to computer, converting selected data from one format to another as well as the treatment of these are tedious and time-consuming tasks.

Osspo services assures you a quality service respecting all your deadlines and reducing your budget!