Automatic classification of documents

At Osspo Services, our document indexing services have benefited our clients who benefit from the return on investment. Using state-of-the-art document indexing automation technology, we ensure that all of your company's data related to documents, reports, manuals, performance metrics are easily categorized and routed.

Our automation solutions for indexing and document classification rely on clusters and are designed to easily handle large data. In a demanding industry where information is essential on a day-to-day basis, our highly available parallel processing solution, requiring minimal human supervision, supports automated workflow rules and delivers results in a very short time.

Great Lakes Data Solution and Consulting Services

A data lake can help you create a centralized data management infrastructure that will help you store, analyze, categorize and manage your data on an ongoing basis. Osspo Services provides you with large data lake solutions and consulting services that form the basis of all the latest technological revolutions. These include IoT, AI-based robotic automation systems, and more.

Our solutions for you

Implementation of the data lake

Analysis and science of big data data

Big Data Training

Big Data Strategy and Engineering

Big Data Knowledge Partner Services

Data conversion

Every structure organizes transactions every day. Each of these, whether financial, commercial or production, is a key element in the final history of a business.

At Osspo Services, we understand that data entry is a crucial part of data management and is time-consuming and time-consuming. With a few years of experience in data capture and analysis around the world, data entry professionals at home have the ability to work with large volumes of data and provide accurate data entry services. and without error.

Data Entry Services at Osspo Services

Online / offline data entry services

Electronic book data entry services

Catalog data entry services

Data entry for e-commerce

Data entry for printed / manuscript documents

Convert offline print material to electronic format.

Entering business surveys

Entering questionnaire data

E-Pub services

Internal conversion of your documents into e-Pub format can add to your operational costs. It would be wise to outsource these services to an external service provider such as Osspo Services.

Our offers for you

e-Pub conversion services

iPad and iPhone conversion services

Kindle Conversion Services

Complete digital services

Electronic book conversion services

Property Management

Osspo Services is able to support the infallible asset management of tenants and stakeholders. We have a team prepared for any situation in solving both legal and administrative problems.

Services we offer

Real estate management advertising services

Property Management Support Services

Property Management Maintenance Services

Property Management Legal Services

Data processing

We aim to make you benefit from all the benefits of our data processing service. The structured data processing cycle at Osspo Services is an integration of individual processes that are sometimes also requested as a standalone offer.

Our offers

Form Processing Services

Investigation processing services

Data cleaning services

Processing market research forms

Database Creation Services

Transaction Processing Services

Online Catalog

Shopping centers and midsize businesses have seen a sharp increase in revenue generation through online trading. As e-commerce becomes more popular over the years, it makes sense to exploit not only desktop users, but also users of digital assistants.

Our catalog services

Online catalog conversion

Custom Websites

Catalog creation and indexing

Catalog update services

Catalog processing services

Content Management Systems

Entering product data


Online order processing


OCR services at Osspo Services help reduce the time-consuming and costly task of manually entering data, resulting in substantial savings in operational costs.

Our offers for you

OCR cleaning services

Document scanning services