The webmarketing, netmarketing or cybermarketing is to improve the visibility and traffic of a website by using the Internet as a prospecting channel and to develop a sustainable relationship with users or customers of a website and possibly social media used by the website.The web media as opposed to the classical media (TV, press and radio) has a certain advantage: everything is quantifiable since each action ordered on a server is registered by this one. Our marketing professionals can analyze the behavior of Internet users in order to conclude with marketing rules and then chose targeted audience that will boost the visibility of your company

Community Management

The Community Management is all actions that aim to promote, to make visible, to engage, to animate in the matter of web communication. It defines all the actions that allow to animate and federate communities on the Internet. This approach involves monitoring, controlling, influencing and defending the interests of your company or your brand on the spiderweb.

Today, with the development of social networks and video platforms, the goals of the Community Manager are higher:

  • Fostering exchanges within the communities
  • Federating communities
  • Develop the brand image within the communities
  • Maintain and maintain a good e-reputation
  • Optimize the technical management of e-reputation

Our communication department is familiar with this type of procedure that they perform daily. By choosing Osspo Service, you choose a dedicate Community Manager whose only goal will be to increase your visibility and improve the e-reputation of your entity


The Search Engine Optimization is the art of optimizing a web project and its environment for search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo...). More commonly called natural referencing, its purpose is to increase the quality, understanding and especially the visibility of a website within the search engine results.

By entrusting your SEO to Osspo Services, you get the guarantee of increasing the visibility of your websites on different search engines!

Google Analytics

The most effective way to reach both new and old customers is through a website. If You own one and that you Market Mainly your services via It, you might be interested in knowing how the Public Reached your site and what it Done once it's connected to it.

Google Analytics can provide you with information on your website, which you can use while Taking of decisions Strategic. We will allow you to decipher this data so that it is useful to your structure

Web Analysis

We provide you with web analytics solutions, whether a dedicated team of analysts web or an unique resource for a few hours a month.

Whether if you have only one or plenty of websites, it is imperative that you have an overview of the performance of your platforms so that you can boost their potential. Web Analytics helps you to define how you get your visitors, who they are... Even if you have all these data, you need a competent Web Analyst to take the necessary step back, decipher the data and provide you with key indicators that your statistics reporting software will not give you.