Translation in foreign languages

Today, it has become important for organizations to have a global impact and reach a larger audience in order to survive the competition. In order to be able to reach an international audience, it is necessary to be able to exchange in many foreign languages so as not to lose a single prospect.

Hire of staff familiar with multiple languages can be complex (difficulty finding the right profile, need to hire multiple profiles to reach a wide range of leads, difficulty in assuming the hiring costs of this staff) ; This is why we offer you a translation service in foreign languages so that you can always increase your business peacefully.

Translation of documents

Have you ever faced the challenge of presenting information in the customer’s mother tongue? Every document you create represents your company on the international stage. When your content speaks to customers in their native language, they are more inclined to do business with you.

We assure the exact translation of all your documents with our qualified team of translators who are well equipped to meet your needs.

Website translation

With the increasing use of the Internet for international trade, it has become necessary for any company to maintain multi-language versions of their websites. Studies has shown that the number of visitors to a merchant site increases considerably when your content is in the native language of your visitors.

Commercial Translation

In most cases, while doing business in the world market, you may find yourself in a country where English is not the main language for business communication. In such scenarios, it becomes vital to translate all the documentation and commercial communication annex to suit the local language, and to accomplish this, you need the services of a business translation. Our translators have a commercial sensibility that let them be familiar with the terms used in your documents in order to translate them in the most appropriate way.

Audio Transcription

Our competent staff can convert your interviews, conferences, seminars, conference calls, podcasts, movies (closed captioning) or other In exact transcripts and without mistakes.

Substitles in any languages

In order to reach a global audience, it is necessary to be able to present subtitled works in any language. At Osspo Services, we can provide you with professional captioning and translation services for any type of content and in any language.

Foreign Language Transcription

With the advent of globalization, the need for competent foreign language transcription and translation services is growing, increasing the demand for foreign language transcription services outsourcing.

If your organization requires transcription services in foreign languages experts, we can help you! Our certified language professionals can perfectly transcribe any type of documents (Seminars, interviews, medical or other reporting).